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  • What is Technical Writing?
    Technical writing refers to simplifying information, so it is clear and concise and easily understood when communicated to those who need that information to accomplish a task or a goal. Good technical writing: Provides the target audience with clear and accurate information that allows them to understand what is required after reading the instruction once Saves your business time and money when new workers can find accurate and clear information on their own, without having to ask colleagues ‘How do I…?’ or ‘What does it mean by…?’. Allows for accountability because clear instructions of how to accomplish a task or goal are provided and alternative scenarios are catered for Leaves the audience certain of what is expected of them, there are no ambiguous phrases Acts as a tool Managers use to educate team members of how what they do affects other functions of the business Adds merit and value to your business, as the information is consistent and logical, and resources are being used effectively.
  • Which industries use Technical Writers?
    Any field or industry where complex activities or processes need to be communicated. A targeted audience may require information to accomplish a task, such as: Using a software application Operating industrial equipment Preventing incidents Complying with a law Or any of an infinite range of possible activities.
  • What document types does Juno Technical Writing assist with?
    Juno Technical Writing works with your subject matter experts to produce deliverables of a high quality for Management System requirements and Project Documentation. Specifically, these may include: Policy documents Procedures Process mapping Management plans Operating manuals Work instructions Permits Forms / checklists Fact Sheets / FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Training material and delivery, including e-learning content and training videos Scope of work Functional requirements / Requirements specifications Proposals Sub-contractor agreements Design documents.
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